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Models 611.10, 631.10

Low Pressure Capsule Gauges

611.10, Copper Alloy Wetted Parts

WARNING: These products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click on


Technical information

Specifications according to data sheetAPM 6X1.10 (APM 06.01)
CaseSteel, Painted Black
Movementcopper alloy
Accuracy Classclass 1.6

Standard features

Measuring SystemCopper Alloy
Windowacrylic (PMMA)
Accuracy Classclass 1.6
CaseSteel, Painted Black

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Nominal size2.5"
Connector locationlower mountcenter back mount
Second dial scalewithoutmm of waterinches of waterwithoutmm of water
Process Connection1/4 NPT1/4 NPT1/4 NPT1/4 NPT1/4 NPT
Scale range
Price in $50.4950.4950.4953.0053.00
0 oz/in2...10 oz/in29851771
0 oz/in2...15 oz/in29851780
0 oz/in2...20 oz/in298517989851720
0 oz/in2...30 oz/in29851747
0 oz/in2...32 oz/in29851739
Price in $50.4950.4953.0053.00
0 oz/in2...35 oz/in29851801
0 oz/in2...60 oz/in29851755
0 psi...3 psi98519259851836
0 psi...5 psi98519339851844
Price in $50.4953.00
-100 inches of water...0 inches of water97474739747465
-60 inches of water...0 inches of water97483219748339
-30 inches of water...0 inches of water98523449851852
0 inches of water...15 inches of water98516829851860
0 inches of water...30 inches of water98516909855785
0 inches of water...60 inches of water98517049803432
0 inches of water...100 inches of water98518109851879
0 inches of water...200 inches of water98518289851887